garage doorCommercial garage doors are among the most important features in any industrial building. Installing modern industrial garage doors can increase operational efficiency by streamlining company processes and conserving energy—saving time and money. Business owners should know what to consider when choosing an overhead garage door and how each factor affects the door's performance so they can select the best model for the facility's needs.

Commercial Overhead Door Openers: Key Features 

Overhead industrial garage door openers are mounted to the ceiling of a garage or warehouse space. They open vertically by pulling the garage door over a fixed track.

Unlike residential garage doors, which open just a few times a day, overhead doors on commercial properties need to open and close 50 times a day or more. To handle this increased load, industrials doors have several unique features designed to make them more durable, reliable, and user-friendly.

Heavy-Duty Material

While commercial overhead garage doors come in a variety of materials, the most common are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive, which makes it ideal for doors that need to open and close quickly. Steel, on the other hand, is a heftier material that is more expensive but provides more insulation, making it ideal for businesses that need to maintain a constant temperature in their building.  

Safety Features

Most industrial garage doors feature built-in safety features that keep your employees and business safe. Fire-proof doors are essential for factories and warehouses that store chemicals and flammable material. Many doors also feature automatic release sensors to prevent the doors from closing when their path is obstructed, which helps keep employees safe and operations running smoothly.


Many commercial overhead doors come equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized entry, including industrial-grade locks. Overhead doors are also easily integrated into existing security systems, including cameras, access control systems, and alarms.


Industrial overhead garage door openers require different levels of maintenance depending on material, operating mechanism, and design. Low-maintenance options are more than adequate for smaller companies with few resources, while doors that require frequent attention are easier for larger businesses or factories to manage. 

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