We’ve been in the garage door business since 1972 – that’s 44 years. 44 years of service that started in St. Cloud, MN, eventually branching out to locations in Willmar, Brainerd, and Alexandria. Throughout the years we’ve met the needs of individuals and organizations throughout Minnesota. We’ve consistently earned the trust of our customers and continued to build a bright future.

We pride ourselves in providing a great experience for our customers. We want our customers to be involved and informed throughout the design process. And, when you’re ready to work with one of our design consultants, use the following information as a starting point.


Most often, finding that just right garage door for your customers requires a balancing act with needs and wants. Focusing on function is a great place to start. As the largest entry-point to a residence, consider the garage door’s impact on home security and energy efficiency. Your customers individual needs will impact which materials work best.

Understanding how your customers will use their garage space can influence the overall design. Garages have much more capability than vehicle storage. Garages can store all types of possessions and even become extra livable space with a properly insulated garage door.

We know all the right questions to ask that will help your customers choose the most appropriate garage door, reflective of their personality, and much more. That's where we come in. We take the pressure off, so you can focus project management, and leave the garage door details to our team of experts. As a garage door contractor, be assured your clients are in the hands of design consultants with decades of experience, bringing your customers' design to life.


Beyond basic needs and function, a garage door choice impacts a home’s appearance. When designing the perfect door for your clients, the main elements are: windows, style, and color.

Windows are an often overlooked aspect of custom garage door design. However, windows significantly impact how your garage door will complement your home. Window design elements include: shape, frequency, and trim. Our design consultants can bring all these elements together and narrow seemingly endless options.

Our design consultants have decades of experience bringing customers their ideal garage door design. They’ll know how to select styles that complement the home and avoid those that don’t.

The last step in garage door design is color. Color options are nearly endless, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which is best for your customers. Garage doors contribute to a residence’s curb appeal, and our consultants will help you select a color that adds beauty and value to any home’s appearance.


The growth and expansion of American Door Works over the past 40+ years is a byproduct of our initial determination to help customers find the right door solution for any project, accompanied by the right help. We built our company on people. And, our tradition continues with our talented and dedicated individuals who are the industry’s best provider of integrated door solutions in the markets we serve. Our focus goes beyond getting your clients the right garage door to meet their needs and wants