Securing business doorways is about more than just creating a barrier. Businesses use security doors to protect their assets from unwanted visitors, pests, and bad weather conditions. A popular option to achieve this is with rolling steel service doors.

Rolling service doors are made with slatted metal designed to easily retract when not in use. They not only create a strong barrier to keep out people but provide weather protection in the event of a strong storm. They can be installed in exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional, and other buildings.

A rolling steel service door might be the perfect solution for your overhead door, roll-up garage door, fire door, security door, insulated door, or commercial garage door. Discover more below:

The Benefits of Rolling Steel Service Doors:

Better Utilization of Space

Rolling service doors are named as such because they store in a tight coil above the door when not in use. This means storage of the door will be completely out of the way until again in use. The security door will not interfere with other components of the business or daily operations.

Save Money

Rolling service doors are built to last, meaning they have a low life cycle cost. The construction and materials assure a long lifespan with minimal maintenance. Should repairs be necessary, costs are much lower than more intricate security door designs.

Flexible Design Options

Rolling service doors can be fitted to a variety of size options, depending on your business needs and preferences. Each of our doors is built to order based on your specifications.

Rolling Steel Door Specifications

  • Door Sized: as we have stated, rolling steel doors can be designed based on your needs. Our standard construction is 30' wide, 30' high, but we can accommodate large openings up to 50' wide and 40' high.
  • Operation options: Our designs have various function options, such as motors, chains, hand-crank, or push-up designs. These options might be based on size, weight, or frequency of operation for each door.
  • Usage: Standard construction for our garage doors withstand up to 20 cycles per day. We also have High Cycle Construction available for doors expected to be operated more often.
  • Wind Load: Our doors can be configured to withstand a full range of wind load requirements–even missile impacts!
  • Materials and Finishes: We have a variety of steel gauge options available: 24-, 22-, 20- and 18-gauge galvanized steel options that come standard with GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or tan. Other materials, custom finishes, and SpectraShield® powder coating are optional. You can even customize your door with a graphic, photo, or company logo.

American Door works utilized Cornell Commercial Roll-Up Doors. Cornell doors have over 180 years of service to the design and construction industry, which is why they have become one of our trusted partners. View the Cornell Catalog of products to see more.

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